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Are you in charge of your life or is it running you?

Considering a career transition or a life transition?

I coach busy professionals – individual and groups - to confirm what truly matters to them and then create a realistic plan to accomplish their life and career goals with room to breathe.


If you’re constantly stressed trying to juggle everything, while your health and relationships suffer; or you’ve decided you don’t want to spend one more week doing the same job(s) in the same way -  it’s time to reach out and work with an expert to establish a new way of life.  


How I Can Help

Individuals –  I give you the space and structure to take a step back, look at your current situation from different angles, consider your values and desires, and map out a clear path for moving forward with new vision.   


Groups –  I help teams, organizations, churches and non-profits, brainstorm new ideas; create or renew their vision/mission statement, and confirm the best structure for moving forward.  


The Process

Using my 20 years of experience with corporate teams and coaching business relationships, I have found that many of the same tools and processes – such as value ranking, reverse brainstorming, process mapping and assessments – can help each person find innovative solutions that are uniquely designed for them. So I’ll use those practical tools - in a 4, 6 or 8 week program - to help you confirm what works best for you or your team, where you are right now and into the future.   

About Me


Leah Ashford, CPC

Coaching is my passion. Through the years, in different roles in HR, I found that coaching individuals through personal feedback, finding practical solutions for significant change, was my joy.  

I also thrive on helping challenged teams establish strong respectful relationships and gain alignment to achieve their goals.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education from Prairie Bible College, and worked for several non-profit mission organizations before joining Gallo in 1997, focused on training & employee development.  I have experience in Leadership Development, Talent Management, Performance Management, and Corporate Training. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach through iPec, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I also love to try new restaurants with friends, discover what's around the corner in a new city, visit family across the country and volunteer in my great community.


Marvin Jacobo, City Ministry Network


On numerous occasions, City Ministry Network has entrusted Leah to draw out of its board members a responsible evaluation of the past and clear insight into its future direction. We recommend her for any team building, goal setting activity or individual coaching. We have found her to be gentle, wise and insightful.  

Sergio Lara, Center for Human Services


Leah was genuine, kind, open-minded and open-hearted. Complete professional in helping plan and organize my personal and career goals. She made me feel right at home – very talented individual in her line of work.  

Kourtney Kauffman, Director, Family Concern Counseling


  In my work, I spend a lot of emotional energy caring for others, so it was such a refreshing change to have someone with Leah's skills listen to me and help sort out some of the places I feel personally stuck. Leah is warm and welcoming, and has a knack for pinpointing concerns and formulating goals in a straightforward, helpful manner.   

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